It’s Official! #100DaysinUK

Hello from the UK!

I wanna apologize for not being consistent with keeping everyone updated about my trip and #100DaysinUK. I haven’t forgotten about my sponsors and my followers! More posts are coming after this one, I just need to find time to post!

My stay here in Oxford has been a memorable one. I love all of my flatmates and I adore the city even more. Recently, I took a trip to London with one of the many good friends I have come to know here (and like I said previously, don’t worry about making friends in the UK. There are lots of nice people in Oxford!). Her name is Yan and she is a little bundle of fun plus strong minded all in one! We visited many key sites such as the Tower of London and Westminster. We even had the chance to eat dinner on a nice boat on the Thames River right in front of the London Eye. All in all, the weekend was beyond perfect and I’m blessed to be able to come to the UK to continue my studies.

One important factor I wish to discuss is money. I am extremely money cautious meaning I literally keep track of all my purchases from buying a bottle of water at Tesco (a very convenient grocery store in the UK) to paying my phone bill (I found the company 3 to be very efficient when I chose my phone plan). I have everything in a nice notebook where I review all my weekly and monthly purchases in order to

London Eye at Night

know how well I am doing versus how bad I am doing in key areas such as food, transportation, and household goods. It is important to keep track of your spendings especially if you are receiving scholarships so you don’t end up in a situation where you run out of money (I hope none of you end up in this situation!)

Thanks for keeping up with my blog and again I apologize for not keep you updated regularly! I promise there are a ton more posts I am planning to post within the next couple weeks!

Happy Monday!

Yan and I
Gloucester Pie and Chips


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