Time to Explore!

St. John's Cathedral is really beautiful!
St. John’s Cathedral is really beautiful!

Dia dhuit!

So last post I mentioned that for the first couple of weeks here, I didn’t really have a set class schedule. This opened up my time to do some exploring around campus as well as in Limerick city. Honestly, I feel like I spent more time traipsing around and adventuring than I did going to class, but I’m pretty sure that isn’t actually the case.

My first day out and about, a friend and I decided to take advantage of the nice weather and head into the city. We could have easily taken a bus, but why do that when you can walk 45 minutes instead? It really didn’t take that long, and we saw more than we might’ve had we paid the bus fare. It was a really nice day- we saw a lot of the big things here, like St. John’s Cathedral, St. Mary’s Cathedral, and King John’s Castle. Limerick is a really cute city, and I like it a lot. It very vaguely reminds me of walking around old Saint Augustine at home with all the old buildings and shops.

Then there have been a couple of trips to the Milk Market that’s held every week (it’s basically just a massive farmers’ market), which I unfortunately have no pictures of yet because it’s always so busy. I feel like I’ll drop my camera, and it’ll be lost in the sea of people forevermore (or, you know, crushed from falling onto the concrete, whichever happens first).

Limerick city is a little ways west of here; if you go east instead, you run into a small town called Castletroy. There’s not a whole lot there, but they do have a relatively nice grocery store with lots of fresh baked goods (plus they’re opening a chocolate shop in the same shopping center, which I’m maybe a little too excited about). If you keep going past Castletroy, there’s another little place called Anacotty which, again, doesn’t really have much, but it’s still pretty cute:)

There are also a lot of hiking trails on campus, and if you follow them, you come across two different sets of castle ruins. Yup, you read that right- my school-away-from-school has castles (well, kind of).

I can’t wait to see what other fun things are nearby; there’s still so much to see and do. It’s going to be loads of fun!

Beautiful, but also very tall!
Beautiful, but also very tall!
King John's Castle on the River Shannon:)
King John’s Castle on the River Shannon:)
The more-interesting of the two ruins
The more-interesting of the two ruins

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