Second Stop: Oxford #100DaysinUK

After 10 long months of planning and preparing for this trip, I have 14495447_1195529967171213_7952172057180020085_n finally moved to Oxford. It takes approximately 75-90 minutes (depending on how bad the traffic is) to travel from London to Oxford by car. This will be my first time living in college dorms, so this is something new to me. My flatmates are wonderful; don’t be afraid of making new friends- I’ve made a ton, and I’ve only been here for two weeks! Upon my arrival, I met up with my flatmates and we went out for dinner at Nando’s (one of my favorite restaurant chains here in the UK). We also did some grocery shopping (FYI there are tons of places you can buy groceries and household goods like Sainsbury, Tesco, and Boots here). Food and clothes in Oxford can be quite expensive, but I have learned to budget wisely and keep track of my spending habits. Everything you’d need for your stay in Oxford is located in the city center which is only a five-minute bus ride away.

One of the many things I like about the UK is the location. There are literally millions of things one can do here. Just this past weekend, June (my flatmate) and I spent two days in Edinburgh, Scotland. Scotland is somewhere I have never experienced before. It is very “hilly” and full of mountains, but the views are breathtaking. June and I toured Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace with enough time to travel on a Hop-on Hop-off bus tour and experience the Edinburgh Dungeons. I highly recommend visiting all these sites whenever you have the chance to come to the UK. I have learned so much about Scottish and British history during my stay here through visiting historical sites previously mentioned and future ones to come. I encourage anyone who is planning on studying here to take a chance and embark on historical tours offered throughout Oxford and the UK at large. There is so much history to uncover here!

Best Ice Cream I’ve ever had!
Holyrood Palace
Street Performers
Edinburgh City Center
I highly recommend this to anyone who plans on going to Edinburgh!


June and I



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