KGU Study Abroad Part 3: Hustle and Bustle Everywhere!

Me at the Gudetama Cafe! I’m personally more of a Hello Kitty fan, but after visiting the cafe I have more of an appreciate for the derpy egg.

Last Thursday (on the 22 of September) I met my host father for the first time! He lives a bit far away for his job but he comes home every month or so for his job. My host sister had a dance recital that weekend and so he came to visit and attend the dance recital. We went to an Italian restaurant and it was actually really good! My host father was really funny and kind too, I was sad when he had to leave Sunday night. That weekend I also attended the dance recital and was able to watch my host sister perform! Although the place was really cramped with no seats, it was still a very interesting and fun experience.

That Saturday I had also gone to Umeda, where there are a bunch of malls and the Pokemon Center! It also had a Gudetama cafe and a very awesome arcade that took up one floor  out of the 7 or 8 floors this mall had, and this Saturday I went back to Namba to explore other parts of the incredibly vast city. I’ve been going to a lot of malls and downtown areas recently, so I hope to go to Kyoto or some other place soon to explore the beautiful nature of Japan; maybe check out some mountains or bamboo forests.



A beautiful Hello Kitty display I saw at Umeda. It’s so cute!


In Nipponbashi, Namba there was this Danganronpa mini museum. This is from a scene in the game and I thought it was really cool! I also liked how they would let you take pictures inside the place because many places in Japan do not allow you to take pictures.


And finally a really cool Star Wars display I also saw in Namba!

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