KGU Study Abroad Part 2: Kyary In Kyoto

I didn’t think so much would happen this week, but this entire weekend was amazing and event-filled! There’s so much to do in Kyoto for all kinds of different people. Whether you like traditional Japan with all its shrines and temples or whether you like Japan’s more modern style with numerous shopping districts and entertainment, it’s all in Kyoto. So far, Kyoto has to be one of my favorite cities that I’ve visited, it’s got a similar vibe to Cairo which I also completely loved visiting – since they both have the perfect mix of history and modernity.

I don’t have school on Thursdays, and so on Thursday Chelsea and I went to Kuzuha Mall! We ate parfaits and played the Taiko drums (and I accidentally exchanged 1000 yen for 100 arcade coins because I am a genius. Always make sure of what you’re doing before feeding a machine ten dollars in a foreign country).  We then waited patiently for Saturday to roll around.

Saturday was our long-awaited day, for that was the day the popular singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu had her concert! Best part of it all was that it was free to foreigners! Japan has multiple events that are free for foreigners if you just show your passport, so take advantage of those opportunities! The concert was a blast; we met with some other people from Kansai Gaidai and even got to meet people from other universities in the Kyoto area! The concert venue also had numerous food stalls surrounding the area and we were able to enjoy some delicious shaved ice! It was so good, I didn’t have a chance to take pictures.


Waiting in line for the concert! Our venue was at the Heian Jingu Shrine!


We were giving fans to wave at the concert! Lots of fun and a great souvenir!

While we were at the concert, we noticed that there was a Kyoto International Anime Manga Festival being held that very weekend, so we decided to come back the next day. So on Sunday we returned to Kyoto and attended the festival (which was also free to foreigners by the way) and it was amazing. There were numerous animation companies advertising their shows and we were able to see many different genres all showcased in one building.


14423980_10202404075018631_1332853045_o 14408132_10202404054378115_1451263193_o

Me in front of the Detective Conan panel! One of my favorite shows as a kid.

screenshot_2016-09-18-20-45-20-1 14408175_10202404147660447_1516580878_o 14466330_10202404147500443_26273863_o

And more pics of me with various characters!! PIKACHUUUUUUUU

This weekend I’m going to Umeda and my host sister’s dance recital ^_^.  I’ll also talk about meeting my host father for the first time. So until next time!

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