Ten Cities, Two Countries, One Month

I am astounded that I have been able to do and see so much in the month that I spent in Germany. In this post, I will highlight a few favorite activities in my favorite cities in Germany. I grew so comfortable in Düsseldorf that I wish I could have stayed longer (add my mom and her cooking and I could have stayed forever!).

Koblenz- The Deutsches Ecke

Koblenz was my favorite city to visit while in Germany. Everything in Koblenz, including the train ride there, was just beautiful. The trip to Koblenz gave us a view from afar of beautiful castles atop hills, vineyards, and the Rhine river. The Deutsches Ecke was where the Mosel and Rhine rivers met. Near there was a cable car to take you across the Rhine to a fortress atop a hill that gave an amazing panorama of the entire city. Overall, just so many things to see along with a relaxing atmosphere and great weather.


Düsseldorf- Japanese EKO House & Takumi Ramen Shop

Düsseldorf is home to the largest Japanese population in Germany. As a result, Düsseldorf also houses many places catered to Japanese culture. Walking through the Japanese EKO house is surreal. Located in the middle of suburban Oberkassel in Düsseldorf, once through the gates you enter a completely different world. The temple, oriental style home, and the gardens are breath-taking and  relaxing.

A great place to eat on Immermannstraße was the Takumi Ramen Shop. My only regret is that I visited this restaurant so late in the month I was in Germany that I only got to eat once here. This eatery boasts the best authentic Ramen in Düsseldorf and I have to agree with that assessment! The serving sizes were huge and the price cheap in my opinion. A definite must for any future Düsseldorf visitors


Köln- Kölner Dom

The Cologne Cathedral is a magnificent structure that captures your attention the moment you step outside the Hauptbahnhof (central station). If the size, gothic architecture, or massive stain glass windows don’t take your breath away, than the 500 step climb up to the observatory certainly will! The stairwell is spiral and very cramped. The steps are uneven and there is very little ventilation as you go up. However, the views from the top are certainly worth the climb in my opinion. Stairs aren’t my thing but I had amazing companions that helped motivate me to the top!


Freiburg- Riding the Schloss Bahn to the edge of the Black Forest

Freiburg is known as the gateway to the Black Forest, and I certainly see why! The moment my friends and I got off the train, we could see all the trees framing the backdrop of the this amazing city. While there wasn’t enough time to go very far into the Black Forest, we did get to see a bit of it.

Towards the edge of town is a sort of tram/cable car called the Schloss Bahn that will take you up and into the forest. From up there, at the edge of the forest, you can hike up and further in if you wish. There is also a restaurant that provides a fantastic city view while you enjoy a meal (or dessert, as I did!). A really good adventure for those on a tight budget (just five euros for the cable car round trip!).



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