A month down in Spain

Buenas a todos!

The first week and a half of Madrid is complete! It’s crazy because before going on this trip I didn’t really want to go to Torremolinos, and now that we left I miss it so much.  I definitely need more time there.

But anyways — MADRID! I’m finally here, and I cannot believe it! I’ve done so much in the short time I’ve been here already.  A lot of people were worried of the heat since Madrid is more desert like, but so far it has been absolutely wonderful. And on top of that, I love how the sun doesn’t set until 10 p.m.

     royal palace

So far I have done a Madrid city bus tour, I’ve nailed the metro, and visited the Bernabeu stadium.  It’s also great because the Eurocup was going on and it is fun seeing everyone so spirited!

Some other activities we have done so far are:

– Visited the Prado museum

– Visitedthe Royal Palace (Obama was here the same time as us!)

– Visited the Reina Sofia Museum

– Danced in Bernabeu, that’s right, a fiesta! It was a surreal experience being in the same stadium Cristiano Ronaldo plays in!

– Ate lots of churros and chocolate!!

bernabeu fiesta        bern

Right now is the weekend FORSPRO has planned for Barcelona, but since I have been there I am taking advantage and going to visit an aunt I have in Almeria, Spain.  So excited to see what that part of Spain has in store for me and excited to explore more of Madrid as well.  Time is going by too fast, I have already been here a month, and that is not enough time.  I do have some more tips from what I’ve learned this past week.

  1. If you see something you like- BUY IT! I didn’t buy these clothes I liked because I thought I would see them later on, and as you can imagine I did not and wish I would’ve just bought it at the right time.
  1. For those going to Madrid, buy the monthly metro pass! It’s 20 € for students and so worth it! Not only is it a great price but it’ll motivate you to check out the city even more!
  1. Budget your money from the beginning.  Make sure not to over spend on things in the beginning of your trip because you will be scavenging for any little change.

-Yarah xx

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