Nice, France how I miss you

In one word I can sum up my France study abroad trip:


As an American, I can see how closed off we are from the rest of the world. We stay in our small North American bubble fixated by one another’s wealth, and belongings. Although we are busy working, and studying and fighting to be the best at whatever we do, which is the American way, we should be able to take a breath and open our eyes to something we haven’t before. That’s what it felt like when traveling to another country. It felt like you were pounded in the face with air where you could finally breathe again. You can come back with new eyes and an open mind. You could experience things that you’ve never thought possible.

I was lucky enough for my mother to come meet me in France. One of the best moments in my life was when she had dinner with my host family. We gathered, two different families, two different languages, and two different cultures, and really connected. We realized we’re not as different as expected. We realized learning and growing from each other was the best gift. That night I walked away, down the huge hill that my home away from home sat on, and reminisced about everything. About our amazing dinner and all the people I’ve met and things I’ve done. About the towns I’ve visited and the language I vowed to learn. It was sad to walk away.

Our view from our Apartment was so beautiful.


My favorite city to visit; Ville-Franchesurmer



So with that being said, transformative really was the correct word to explain everything. I walked away as a new person with experiences of a life time. So if you have the chance to travel. Do it. Because we only have one life. And you know what they say “Travel is the only thing you can buy, that makes you richer.” (@charlesduval)

Hope you get the chance,


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