By the Sea, By the Sea, By the Beautiful Sea

A highlight of visiting Nice, France was definitely the ocean-side promenade cut into the rocky cliffs of the Cote d’azur seaside

I’ve visited France before, but I had never been to the south of France. Man was it worth it!! I saw some of the most beautiful sights I had ever seen. I was struck by how stunning the countryside was, how interesting the people were, and how marvelous this earth is to contain so much diversity! Don’t get me wrong, I love city life, but for me Nice beats Paris every time. It has the perfect mixture of fun things to do around town, but it also allows for quick day trips to other towns and for hiking and rural adventures.


I’m definitely a people person, but my favorite experience bar none was the ocean-side promenade that people can hike that stretches a couple kilometers along the coast almost to Ville-franche, the next town over. I walked it by myself the first time I did it, and I was absolutely blown away. The beauty is astounding, the ocean is OH-SO blue! I wanted to weep. I know we live in Florida where beaches abound, but there is a different aspect when the beach is all rocky and the ocean is turquoise. In this instance, there wasn’t even a beach- the water literally was crashing up against age-old rocky cliffs, and the contrast was breathtaking. It was a wonderful opportunity to get away from the bustling crowds and take have some good alone time. I ran into people here and there, but much of the time I was alone, and it was definitely not a high tourist-traffic spot. I enjoyed a little of down time, and the exercise wasn’t bad either.


I told some friends about it and we went a couple days later, I was glad I could share it with them. This is just one example of why it’s awesome living with a host family! I would have never heard or known about the hike, but one night they mentioned it at the dinner table and recommended it to us. I’m grateful they did! I still think about that beautiful scenery, and I know if I ever visit nice again I will most certainly be spending some time “By the sea by the sea, by the beautiful sea”


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