The Charms of Nice

Nice, as seen from the Colline du Chateau
Nice, as seen from the Colline du Chateau

Fri 6/24/16

Last week, I wrote about a trip outside of our host city, but this week I thought I would highlight some of my favorite discoveries in Nice. My hope is that someone will read this post before traveling to Nice so they know of a few destinations worth finding. Therefore, this post will contain a fair amount of photos as I attempt to share a little of my urban exploring.

Outside of Fnac, on the Avenue Jean Medecin

The first place I want to highlight is quite probably my favorite store ever. Fnac is found on the Avenue Jean Medecin and is like a Barnes and Nobles on steroids. Not only does it have thousands of books, but it also has nearly every major movie and TV series you can imagine, electronics, and games. Given my aforementioned obsession with the French language, seeing the American books and movies that I have grown up with, all translated to French, made me practically giddy the first time I walked into the store (my roommate can attest to this). Four stories of happiness. I could have spent most of the rest of my trip in this store alone, but it seemed kind of wasteful to ignore the gorgeous surrounding countryside, tempting as it might be.

A unique pizza cutter, seen in Pylones

The next place I want to mention is another store, called Pylones. also on the rue Jean Medecin. Pylones sells a variety of household items but with a twist. The merchandise is all very colorful and often resembles something else. A coffee mug that looks like a camera lens. A serving spoon that has a face. A vegetable peeler that looks like a pencil sharpener. This store is a dream for window shoppers, with two floors of unique, creative items.

Flower Market

The flower market is a very enjoyable place to visit. Every day except Monday, when there is an antiques market, there is a produce and flower market on the Marche aux Fleurs, in Old Nice. The produce market is usually finished by early afternoon, but the flower market is usually still there until dinner time. The vendors have the most beautiful arranged bouquets, sold for significantly cheaper than you could find in the United States. From roses to lilies to sunflowers to flowers I have never seen before in my life, your eyes and nose get quite a treat in the middle of urban Nice.

Russian Cathedral
Russian Cathedral

A final location I want to touch on is the Russian Cathedral. The cathedral is a little more removed from the rest of the touristy area of Nice, as it is found on the Northwest side of the train station. I was not allowed to take pictures on the inside of the Cathedral, but it was ever bit as magnificent as the outside might suggest. The cathedral has been recently restored, so the wear and tear it may have received over the years is no longer visible, leaving behind only the grandeur and wealth that the Russians wanted to portray. The cathedral housed extensive paintings, sculpted gold, Russian crowns, and many small altars. In my opinion, it is definitely worth the long walk from the city’s center.

Although these four locations by no means even touch on all the worthwhile places in Nice, I hope they have given my readers a little more insight into the charms of the city beyond just the beach.

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