I “Cannes” see myself living here


Fri 7/1/16

One of the highlights of my last week here in France was definitely our excursion to Cannes on Wednesday, which was one of the excursions organized through USFSP. Cannes is the location of the famous annual international film festival, though it hosts a variety of smaller festivals throughout the year as well. The city is only a short train ride from Nice.

Of all the cities I visited outside of Nice, Cannes was probably my favorite. The overall atmosphere of the city just had a welcoming, laid-back feel to it. Brightly colored flowers bloomed everywhere you looked. The old town was not nearly as tourist-filled as other places I have visited. There was a church at the top of the hill that the old town was built on, with a view of the whole city from the church’s courtyard. For the middle of a city, it was incredibly peaceful from the top of that hill. Throughout the old town, there were giant murals on the sides of buildings. The regular part of the town seemed to be a practical, average city for living in, albeit a very pretty one. If I could ever afford to move to southern France, I am pretty sure I would want to live in or very near Cannes. It is just as close as Nice to all the other locations I have visited on this trip, is right along the coast, and is big enough to have plenty of variety.

Giant mural of famous movie characters on a building wall
Giant mural of famous movie characters on a building wall

We only had a few short hours in Cannes, to walk along the waterfront, see the famous theater, explore the old town, and walk through the edge of the city. I wish I had a chance to go back, but there is no time, as this is my last week here. I hope that sometime in the future, I can go back to this city that appealed to me so strongly and explore just why I liked it so much.


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