Study Abroad Wrap Up

The first thing I did after I left the airport last Sunday was make a trip to Chipotle for a much needed burrito bowl. smay2Our professor reminded us throughout our trip that Argentines love Argentine food, and while Argentine food is delicious, it’s lacking some heat.

After having a week to reflect on my trip abroad, I’ve been able to realize how much my experiences made me want to get out on the streets and organize more than ever. We had to write a final research paper for my class, and I chose to write mine on the importance of womyn in activism and community organizing. The paper focused on two groups: the Madres de la Plaza de Mayo (mentioned in a previous post) and womyn who organized their communities following the socioeconomic crisis of 2001. Through my internship, I was able to meet a womon who had played a part in founding a community resource in

A picture from Alfajores Portenitos, where I had my internship

La Boca while also participating in activism following the 2001 crisis. Engaging directly with the Madres, and the womyn at my internship allowed me to interact with some of my biggest role models.

While I was abroad I was offered my first job as a community organizer. Starting in the fall I will be working with United Students Against Sweatshops as a Regional Organizer. This is a really exciting opportunity for me, and my interactions with activist culture in Argentina will undoubtedly shape the way I organize in the future.


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