Tolbiac the Lobster

After longing to see Jean, one of my favorite tattoo artists for nearly 4 years now, I found out he was on holiday. So to put a long story short, my plans of getting tattooed in London were put to a hault. However, upon arriving at Black Garden Studios I ran into this young aspiring artist, Alex who was more then willing to take on a last minute project. With only three days left in London, he sketched up my design in no time, and I even gave him the liberties to experiment.

The tattoo I recieved was that of a lobster. Why? One might ask. Well in all honesty it commemorates my recent study abroad to Paris. More specifically, when I visited Notre Dame for the first time, one of the first things I noticed on the front façade was this out of place lobster. As a class we concluded it was a crustacean of sorts. Form that point onward my class and I began an epic search for all things lobsters, really anything that was aquatic and had claws. In addition, I had this bad habit of naming any critter tattooed onto my body. So this time I ended up naming my new addition Tolbiac, mainly because Tolbiac was my rather questionable place of residence while in France. With its spotty wifi and unhygienic bathrooms it is a place of many horrors, laughs, and new friendships.

Lastly the new addition to my arm was exicuted in the American Traditional style in celebration of the Fourth of July, dispite being in London of all places. The lobster also fits the Nay Nay theme of my future sleeve which will consist of all things that I don’t really like, but I have come to accept and eventually love.


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