A summer in Florence: Introduction



Hi there! My name is Saeyoung Kim. I am a rising junior majoring in Mass Communications, with a concentration in Public Relations. Some of my interests include Big Brothers Big Sisters, tennis, piano, yoga, and saving the environment. I was lucky enough to go on the USF in Florence Summer A trip from May 15-June 24.

I received the Genshaft/Greenbaum scholarship as well as an Honors College Travel Scholarship-in order to conduct Honors Undergraduate Research. Because I am a Mass Communications major, my research director, Dr. Janna Merrick, and I decided it’d be best if I interned at a newspaper or somewhere writing related. I interviewed via Skype for an internship position at Magenta Florence & Vista Magazine, an English-speaking newspaper back in April and was accepted on the spot.

On June 17, USF World published an article about my internship

Aside from the internship, I took a six-credit Food, Wine, and Culture course through Florence University of the Arts.

My ambitions were to do well in my internship and gain experience as a writer. I also wanted to meet new people and soak in every aspect of Italian culture–the food, wine, art, architecture, music, and history. I was particularly excited to study abroad in Florence because both of my sisters have been there. One of them went on the same program but with the University of Florida three years ago. The other sister went for vacation with my brother-in-law.

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