Pre-Study Abroad Excitement!

Hello everyone! I’m Kelsey, and I am traveling to Madrid, Spain on Saturday for the USF in Spain program. I am so thrilled to start this experience of studying abroad. This is actually my first time leaving the United States! I keep finding myself looking up international travel tips online because I do not know what to expect. I have dreamed of going to Spain for years now, and I finally get to do it this summer. I cannot wait to immerse myself into a new culture. Spain is such a beautiful country, and I wish I could explore every inch of it. I will be making the most of my month there and will be seeing everything Spain has to offer. I am most excited to finally see Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. What I hope to accomplish in Spain is simple; I want to grow as a person. Having new experiences like traveling abroad changes a person for the better. I would like to come home being a better person and use my study abroad experiences to tackle any obstacles sent my way.

I am very excited about my first trip out of the United States, and I will post many pictures of the beautiful country that is Spain!

-Kelsey Korfhage

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