Rodin Museum

The highlight of my trip thus far has to be my recent excursion to the Rodin Museum. After several years of waiting, I can finally be at bay. It was fascinating getting to see Rodin’s major works: not just posthumous casts, but the real deal. Works such as Iris, Walking Man, and The Kiss proved to be pivotal in Rodin’s transition from academic, French sculpture to modernity.


His plasters showed evidence of process, for he was not concerned with the overly idealized works of the past. He embraced material such as the mold marks left in this notable bust of Camille Claudel. His bronze pieces even embraced the lost wax technique which he employed in the workshop. Also on display was Rodin’s personal collection of antiquities that provided the very foundation for his ‘Non Finito’ technique he so proudly subsumed.


I had the opportunity to visit the three-hectare, sculpture garden. It was infinite and housed the single most important work of Rodin’s career, the Gates of Hell. This was the one work that captivated my view. With its dominating nature and 180 figures, I was certain that Rodin himself would of been proud of his  thirty-seven year old work in progress.


I also tried jasmine ice cream from the little cafe inside the gardens, and I must say I am now a fan.


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