Human Rights and Cold War Oppression

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What an experience here in Argentina. This program has given me more knowledge in regards to the oppression that was happening at a global scale during the Cold War, but most importantly, to oppression that was happening here in South America.

Coming here and learning about the “Junta Militar” or the dictatorship regime between 1976-1983 put a lot of things into perspective in regards to my personal life and those across this whole continent.  The battle of ideologies between communism and capitalism intensified in countries where inequality and injustice have exploited the common people or as we know it, “El Pueblo.”

With the financial and political support from the super power of the region, the United States, countries like the Argentina and its people, suffered from some of the most heinous crimes against human rights during this period of time.  Plans like, Operation Condor, overseen by then secretary of state Henry Kissinger, were put into practice and were dedicated to train and implement authoritarian governments in the southern cone of the continent.  This support is what led to the deaths and disappearances of thousands if not millions of civilians from the late 60’s to the mid 80’s.  In Argentina alone, more than 30,000 people were “disappeared.”  They were targeted for only expressing their discontent with a system that has not been fair or equal to those outside of the oligarchies that rule our countries.

This isn’t a blog of anti-American sentiment, but it does focus on a reflection about the role the same country we label as “the leader of the free world,” but who has also had the biggest role in oppressing those who stand against its “interest.”

It has made me more conscience about where I come from, the suffering my people have and continue to endure, the injustice in our countries, and the continuous fight of the common people to one day have the justice and equality we all deserve.


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