Venice and pre-departure blues

IMG_9529My last trip in Italy ended on an amazing note. I spent the weekend in Venice for a class field trip. I was overwhelmed by the beautiful landmarks like Saint Mark’s Basilica, San Giorgio’s Monastery, and Doge’s Palace. We actually got to tour inside Saint Mark’s and the architecture was so unique and detailed. We got to take boats to different islands, and we got to see some awesome views! My favorite part was visiting Murano Island where we watched a glass blowing/sculpting demonstration. I also visited different shops that had genuine Murano glass jewelry and sculptures (great place for souvenirs). The great detail in every individual sculpture and piece of jewelry amazed me.

I’m also sad to say this is my last week in Italy. I’m trying to enjoy every day to the fullest and eat as much Italian food and gelato as possible. I am proud to share that I made authentic risotto for the first time, and it came out delicious! I also plan on visiting the famous Accademia Museum. I have loved my time in Italy. My next post will be from back in the USA. Ciao for now.



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