Reflecting on Northeastern India in the Himalayas

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A big part of studying social work is the constant reinforcing that we are never done learning. People grow, new concepts are learned, and we as a result are constantly re-framing what we know as clinicians, service providers, etc.. The experiences learned thus far really targeted this core concept of social work in that every new item we learned expanded our education base but also lent to us having to acknowledge that each individual we met have their own challenges and strengths they use within their communities. Our goal for this program was to learn about the socio-cultural context of indigenous people’s health within Northeastern India in the Himalayas. However, stamping our perspective of their health challenges would be unfair as each person has their own culture – their own experiences, perspectives – that makes up the bigger picture and should be acknowledged and respected when we bring back what we have seen and experienced during this program.

So when people ask me what I learned during this program it would have to be the constant underlying of how there may be umbrella-ing motives of hospitality, artistic talents, community bonds but each person is an individual with their own strengths and apply them daily. This is a belief I hold personally of every person I meet, and it does not change no matter which land I stand on and what it may be called. The terrain may look vastly different, but this elemental belief has remained constant.

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