Day 10 – Dibrugarh University – Dibrugarh, Assam, India

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IMG_9942Meeting like-minded individuals within the Master of Social Work (MSW) program at Dibrugarh University was a momentous occasion along the trip. Just when we thought the journey had come to a fairly solid closure we began to experience so much more. Being able to talk to MSW students on social challenges and how they were using their own strengths to overcome the challenges continued our education on health practices within Northeastern India. The students informed us on how they use street plays and additional artistic endeavors to gain the awareness of social challenges like substance use and the promotion of education to people within their communities.

As we have come to be accustomed to during our brief journey within India, celebrating the graduating class students’ advancement beyond Dibrugarh University wouldn’t be a celebration without a showing of their individual artistic talents. Our group was lucky enough to experience their talents in singing, instruments, and dancing. We were able to learn their style of dance (or at least we tried) through their guidance and were once more shown their hospitality and general affability as we were encouraged to celebrate with them.




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