Day 9 – Back to Assam, India

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This was a day full of goodbyes. Goodbye to the staff and people residing at RIWATCH, goodbye to new friends made, and goodbye to the continual hands-on learning of the rural communities within Arunachal Pradesh. At this point in the trip it felt like our journey was mostly over and the mood of the group was starting to shift as we approached the last leg of our program. Once again we found ourselves traveling on dirt roads and taking a ferry unlike any we could have ever imagined riding within the USA. The modes of transportation really underlined the differences within the infrastructure in the rural areas of India versus more urban areas and led the group to asking questions in regards to how the people living within the state receive supplies when nature strikes (e.g. heavy storms, flooding, etc.). Generally, the response was “wait it out” and “hope for the best.


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