Que tal mi gente!


My name is Camilo Carranza, I’m currently a senior taking part of the Human Rights study abroad program in Argentina.  Most people, especially the people in my group, take direct flights to the destination in which the program takes place, but not me.  I took this opportunity to backpack through South America and explore this BEAUTIFUL continent.  I left to Colombia right after the spring semester at USF was finished, in Colombia I stayed in Bogota and then traveled to the east side of the country where you find the Llanos Orientales.  In this part of the country, the scenery consist of grass plains in which most of the cattle industry of the country exist.  I visited small towns such as:

  • Villavicencio
  • Guamal
  • Yopal
  • Maya
  • Acacias
  • Paratebueno

I ate amazing food, went to some natural hot springs, spent time far away from traditional civilization and got to interact with some AMAZING people. Thank you Colombia.

I then left to Peru, where I stayed for six days between Lima, Paracas and Ica.

In Lima, I was able to explore the city in two days (not much to do).  The true beauty of Peru lies in the small pueblos outside of Lima.  I took a four hour bus ride south of Lima to a small town called Paracas. There I met awesome people from England, Spain, Argentina, Germany and other countries. I then took an hour cab ride to the middle of the Dunes in Huancachina, Ica. The sunset in this part of the world was an spiritual moment that I will never forget.  Thank you Peru.


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