London Bound!


My name is Liz, and I am a second year graduate student in the Speech-Language Pathology program at the University of South Florida (USF). In just a few hours, I will be heading across the pond to London, England as part of a 10-day trip with many ties to how therapy is done in the U.K. As a future Speech-Language Pathologist, or SLP for those of you who don’t want a mouthful, I chose Global Issues in CSD trip because it specifically focuses on Speech-Language Pathology. I’m extremely excited to go on this trip not only for it’s academic and professional side but also to explore the city and learn about all of the culture that London has to offer.

As I am preparing for my trip, I thought I would let you guys in on a few packing tips that I have picked up both in past trips abroad as well as while I’m currently packing.

1. Start Your Packing List Way in Advance: Once you decide to go on a trip, somewhere in your mind, you will start a mental list of what you should bring. Make sure you write this down somewhere! There are very few things worse than getting halfway across the world without something you really needed (or wanted) to bring with you.

2. Be Prepared to Leave Stuff Behind: So if you’re like me and only like to bring a carry on bag no matter where you go, this tip is especially important. Make sure you have clothes that can be mixed and matched into multiple outfits. This will save a lot of planning on your part as well as a lot of space in your suitcase.

3. Leave Some Room in Your Suitcase: Don’t forget you’re going to want to bring some souvenirs home with you! Whether you check a bag or not, make sure that you don’t fill it to the brim, otherwise you’ll get stuck paying for an extra bag!

4. Roll Your Clothes: The best way to get as much as possible into your luggage is to roll your clothes. The exceptions to this rule (in my opinion) are sweatshirts/jacked, and pants, which can be folded in half and placed on top at the end. I recently watched a video about interlocking your clothes to consolidate them and it looked pretty efficient. I tried it and it took up a bit more space than rolling.

That’s all I have for now, thanks for reading!


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