“We are one” in Frankfurt, Germany

This past weekend was something my friends and I waited weeks for. We have been planning to go to a music festival in Frankfurt called “World Club Dome.” It was a three day event held in Commerzbank Arena where thousands of people from all around the world came together to share the love of EDM (Electronic Dance Music). Figuring out the transportation situation was a whole new adventure on its own. Our round trip consisted of two airplanes, two buses, ten trains, and a taxi. I can confidently say I am a pro in European public transportation. I was so happy to spend this weekend with my closest friends along with new people from all over the world. The cultural diversity was incredible. I even found many Brazilians from my family’s home city (pictured below)! This festival had a slogan that I hold dear to my heart; “We are one.” I love events like these that unify the whole world and speak the same language of music. It was an all-around great cultural experience that I will never forget.

This week is also the start of a new three-week course. I am now taking Pairing Food and Wine and after the first day, I know I will love this class. The professor is great, funny, and interactive. This Sunday I will go to a field trip to Pienza and Montepulciano. I will update next week! Cheers!

IMG_9170 (1)

Learn more about the USF in Florence Business program here!

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