Day 2 – Rahi and Guru Vishram Old Age Home – Delhi, India

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India – Day 2


It’s now the second day and so much has happened it feels like it should have been 2.5 weeks already. But lucky us, we still have so much more to experience. From meeting the workers at Rahi; to Gandhi’s grandson, Kanubhai Ramdas Gandhi; to engaging in providing a service and observing religious ceremonies at a Sikh temple; everything on this day has had a huge impact.



Rahi alone would have made the day worth engaging by learning of their perspective and how they strive to help survivors of sexual assault/incest and campaign for awareness within their society. Like the last reflection on social service, their packaging of the social issue may look the same, but their flavor is a different one. There are some concepts that if you go in with a closed mind and the idea that the American way is the only way, it would be an unexpected adjustment in how they approach their clients. However, noting their cultural challenges and strengths with an open mind, their approach at Rahi is revolutionary and was perceived to be having a profound impact on survivors.

Next, meeting Kunbhai Ramda Gandhi Gi was a once-in-a-lifetime event for many of us. Knowing of Gandhi’s impact on not just India but even within the USA, being able to meet the descendant of someone who inspired so much political and social guidance would be awe-inspiring alone. But again, as a social worker, meeting someone who was also a driving force for and served the National Association of Social Workers within the USA lent this moment to be indescribable. Literally, there are no words to describe this moment. By this time no one expected the day could possibly be topped but off we were to the Sikh temple. I can’t say that anything within the day “topped” another, as each event demanded it’s own amount of respect, including our visit to the Sikh temple. Being able to see the respect and empowerment of the people through the ceremonies and the healing waters outside was a very calming and mindful way to end our day. And so we did.

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You can find out more about the Northeast Himalayas in India program here.

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