A Warm Quilt in a Rainy City

Throughout the first week of the USF Art and Art History in Paris program, I have made plenty of friends and begin to understand the life style here. Paris is so beautiful and breath taking. Since I was born in New York, the transportation system here is very easy to understand. At first I thought it was going to be difficult to grasp the way of living, but I ended up loving every minute of it. The people here are so nice, to the point it’s unreal. Its only been one week, and I felt like I’ve done so much already. So far in my Art without Limits class, we have gone to the Luxembourg Garden and Cluny Museum. Everything I’ve been blessed to see has opened my mind more about buildings.

At University of South Florida, my major is Architecture. One reasons why I wanted to go to Paris was for the amazing buildings. I am so happy I made this decision because I wanted to touch base on the relationship between religion and buildings and Paris has a lot of those types of architecture. What inspired me is my understanding that everyone has their own way of thinking about the world. What is better than of having all of those beliefs in one area? Obviously, I want everyone to respect each others worldview. I am in the process of sketching my “ultimate artwork” which I tend to relate religious and non-religious beliefs together.

What amazes me the most in Paris, is the sky. It never gets dark here. For example, it would be around nine o’clock here and I would be about to see the light outside. Food is another important experience that blows my mind. Everything is fresh and smells delicious.  Up to this point, I have no complaints on any meals I have ordered. Food is cheap. This my first time staying at an apartment that doesn’t not have a bathroom inside my room though, but I actually have no problem with it. Living in a different environment helps me understand how others can’t always get their way. You have to deal with what you have and not complain about it. Just be thankful for what opportunities comes to your life. To be honest, there is nothing to grumble about, I’M IN PARIS! What more could I ask for!?

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