Who Am I?

That's me!
That’s me! Circa way before the India trip.


I am a student at USF pursuing my Master of Social Work degree and am currently embarking on the Northeast Himalayas in India: Socio-cultural Context of Indigenous People’s Health study abroad program. The goal is to explore social service agencies in urban and rural areas, meet with local tribes within Arunachal Pradesh to learn of their health practices and the many diverse cultures to be found in this remote area, and of course to see the Taj Mahal!

My objectives for the study abroad program is to develop a better understanding of the mental health support challenges and strengths to further my own career goals. Like I stated above, I am pursuing my MSW but with a clinical focus. I currently work with at-risk youth in a supportive counseling capacity. Any knowledge gained is knowledge that could potentially be applied to help the population I am serving. My ultimate goal is to obtain my MSW degree, become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and continue to work with at-risk youth in collaborating with them to become self-sustainable and develop positive coping skills. Along this trip, I hope to gain insight on a different perspective of mental health and positive, supportive practices within the tribal communities as way of furthering my knowledge base.


Bye USA! See you soon-ish.
Bye USA! See you soon-ish.

One thought on “Who Am I?

  1. Safe travels Leah. We are so excited to hear more about your experience in this fascinating area of the world!


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