Pre-Italy Excitement

My name is Jessie Leite and I am pursuing an International Business degree at the University of South Florida. I have just completed my first year, and this summer, I am off to study abroad in Florence. I received this amazing opportunity from being a part of the Business Honors Program and from receiving the Ellsworth G. Simmons Scholarship for International Leadership. I will participate in the USF in Florence Business program for six weeks.

As I start packing my suitcase for Florence, I stress whether I packed too little or too much. I’ve looked over all the checklists and guidelines while I think to myself “How could I be ready for this adventure of a lifetime (Coldplay reference)?” It still feels surreal for me. I realized, however, you cannot be 100% prepared. I know I will be surprised with unforeseen circumstances and that will make my study abroad journey all the more memorable. Things always have a funny way of working themselves out.

I am flying out of Miami on May 14th to Dusseldorf and then Florence. Luckily I’ll have friends accompanying me on the flight. Although nerves are inevitable, I am taken over by excitement as the departure date approaches. I’m so thankful for this amazing opportunity USF’s Muma College of Business has given me. I hope to take in as much of the Italian culture as possible through the classes at Florence University of the Arts, to the local restaurants, to the world-famous landmarks. I also hope to visit Germany during the time where they host a festival to see German culture in action. This study abroad trip will definitely better round my education as an International Business major. I hope this study abroad trip will continue fueling my passion of studying new languages and cultures, so I can come back again and learn more.

To find out more about the USF in Florence Business program, click here.

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