Anything you can do, Japan can do better

12400456_1126002937409760_7358942393563440412_nThe first week of Japan flew by, and the first thing I learned was that Japan just does everything… better than everyone else. But I’ll explain into detail later.

First I want to cover that I saw snow for the very first time in my life! It was as if the sky in Japan was welcoming me on my first day with wispy, cold little blessings. In the first picture you see me acting like I didn’t just legitimately cry upon seeing dots of white fall from the sky. This is just something that never happens in Florida. Ever. The weather was so cold that my breath looked like it molded into snowballs in midair. Being Floridian, I was of course taking advantage of this. I probably looked quite strange; “That blue-haired girl is like.. huffing out her entire lungs for no reason over there. Is she okay?” I assume some people thought. But looking quite strange is one of my best qualities.

For the first week, everyone stays in the Seminar Houses, and we attend early morning orientations for an entire week to prepare ourselves for the semester. During this week, we essentially need to fend for ourselves in terms of staying fed. So this gave us plenty of opportunities to explore local and on-campus restaurants.




Typically, I don’t like Indian food. Every time my friends want to get Indian food in Florida, I don’t have a good time. I attributed it to maybe me being awful at ordering good dishes. But one trip to an Indian cuisine restaurant walking distance from campus and I realized it wasn’t my ordering skills that sucked, just the food back home did. I felt cheated all my life. Was THIS what Indian food is really supposed to taste like? It was heavenly and bountiful. They really, REALLY feed you. They give you an entire delicious dinner course, dessert and drink included… for the ridiculously high price of TEN DOLLARS. Can you taste the sarcasm? And the Indian food? No, you can’t taste the Indian food. Come to Japan first, and then you can experience it for TEN DOLLARS. I felt like I robbed them.



Now, let’s talk about McDonalds. I boycotted McDonalds from my diet for four years after it gave me food poisoning. I hold hardcore grudges when it comes to my stomach, honestly. But I wanted to see if the McDonalds in Japan was any different, besides them having about 30 different kinds of burgers you can order. I’m so sorry America, but what are you DOING? McDonalds is an American thing, and Japan completely schooled you at it. The burgers were non greasy, and actually looked like the advertisement pictures. They were all freshly made to order, and they had incredible selection. I chose an avocado bacon burger as my first choice. Sounds like something you’d get at an actual restaurant but nope, Japan has it at McDonalds. The avocados were fresh and flavorful, the bacon tasted like bacon, the cheese was glorious, and all around it was very good quality for fast food. I deeply admire the care and quality concern that Japan has for their food products, even if it’s at a fast food establishment. My stomach and I were quite happy this week, to say the least.

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