Sayonara, Florida: Off the Plane and on to Television in Osaka, Japan

One of the Japanese flight attendants overheard I'll be staying in Osaka, so she handed me a card with frequently used "Osakan" phrases!
One of the Japanese flight attendants overheard I’ll be staying in Osaka, so she handed me a card with frequently used “Osakan” phrases!

Hello, my name is Lillian Seiler, a communication major in my last semester before graduating from USF. I’m one of those annoying kids that decided to get all the hard work out of the way first and foremost, so that I can essentially “goof off” later on in my academic career. With all my FKLs, language, major, and other requirements fulfilled, all I had left was to take a bunch of electives to graduate. I could have done anything I wanted this spring semester. Scuba diving class. Tennis class. Yoga class. Calculus. That last one was a joke. I actually dropped the idea of being a business major after seeing that calculus was a requirement. It all worked out since communication was actually the best major I could have ever asked for. Anyway– since I had the freedom to do anything I wanted to this semester, I decided to go “do whatever I wanted” in the one country that has my entire heart and soul enraptured: Japan.

Ever since I was a little girl, I was infatuated, I mean OBSESSED, with anything and everything that is Japan. I could sit and list everything I appreciate about Japan but then this post would be longer than a Shakespeare Literature reading assignment. Just being among the people of Japan puts my heart at a comfortable and contented ease. The country is extravagantly wonderful. This is not my first trip to Japan, but this will definitely be my longest stay.

We’ll start off with the 41 hours of no sleep. Three plane rides and constantly popping my ears to avoid my eardrums bursting later, I arrived in Japan in the most zombie daze I’ve ever experienced. Luckily I traveled with two other “USFians” who are attending Kansai Gaidai with me, in Hirakata, Osaka Japan. They looked out for me as I started having hallucinations of “glass doors” in my way. There was one point where I was convinced I couldn’t go toward the exit of the plane anymore because there was a “glass door” in my way. Not only did I stay awake for 41 hours straight because it’s 100% impossible for me to get a wink of sleep on a plane, but I had zero makeup on my face and was wearing an outfit that probably would’ve made it on the “People of Walmart” website. So OF COURSE as soon as I step off my 13 hour flight into Japan, I was immediately cornered by a Japanese TV show, where they interview foreigners, asking why they came to Japan.

I got my one chance to be on television, and it just had to be when I was looking the worst that I could have ever looked. It was too funny of a situation to even be mad. The journey was long, and the night was cold, but my heart warmed up and spread fire throughout my body as I finally reunited with this beautiful country I get to call home for the next five months. Stay tuned…

To find out more about my exchange at Kansai Gaidai University, click here!

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