Winter is coming to South Korea

How’s it going fellow travelers?

Winter is upon Morgan and I here in South Korea and the snow is falling fast! For today’s post I will be going over some winter essentials as well as a short story about my latest activities! Enjoy~

Winter Essentials for the Floridians:

1.) When someone tells you “it’s going to be cold today” I suggest you take their word seriously. I heard cold and thought my jacket and pants would do the trick…not. You need to make sure you layer…layer and layer again! Also on a side-note,  you will quickly realize that your face will forever be cold. Whats the trick to save face? Buy a medical face mask of course! But do not worry they come in all kinds of cute designs!

2.) How many is too many layers though? I will never know…my phone says prepare for the ice age, but the real world says no man…its time for summer! I find myself either looking like an overdressed marshmallow, or an under dressed beach goer.  My advice…well really I can’t help you out here.  Just stay warm my friends.

3.) Finally because my intended audience is mostly from Florida, I would just like to say enjoy it! I am so overwhelmed with happiness, that I don’t mind being cold. Its a totally new experience and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

As for my latest activity, I went to see the lantern festival about 2 weeks ago. It was so unique because there was giant lantern structures in the river itself. It was one of the most unique events I have ever seen.

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