Delicious Desserts in Korea

Alert! To all of my fellow travelers with a sweet tooth!

If you have a serious sweet tooth, or are a self proclaimed “casual snacker” then may I suggest you hop on the next plane to South Korea? Join me as I walk you through the wonderful world of delight and treasure found here is Seoul~

Where do I go?  What Do I order?

Well, any cafe really. There are cafes all over Korea, especially in university areas. They all typically serve the same thing which is coffee, tea, various fruit smoothies, ice cream, and waffles. But be aware! A drink of any kind is very expensive compared to the U.S. For example a regular sized lemonade typically costs between $6 and $8. I know CRAZY right?  Any way here are my top 3 all time favorite places to grab dessert!

#1-LGA Cafe

LGA Cafe is located closer to the side gate of Ewha and is home to some of the best Honey Toast! It is a warm thick slice of toast baked with cinnamon butter, drizzled with honey, and topped with whipped cream! It sure is a comfort food for days after a long class, or if you are just looking for something sweet! To go along with the toast, I suggest trying one of their Aides. My personal favorite is the Orange Aide which is simply orange juice mixed with sprite and orange zest. It is honestly the perfect combo. LGA Cafe also serves Korea’s famous summertime dessert called Bingsu! This is shaved ice, which is then pilled high with a certain flavor. These range from fruits, with melon and strawberry being very popular, to more decadent options being Nutella and double chocolate!  The price for a bingsu is typically around $8 to $10, but trust me these things are HUGE and totally worth it!

Nutella Bingsu
Cinnamon Honey Toast with Orange Aide
LGA Cafe










#2- The Bridge Cafe

The Bridge cafe is located down one of Ewha’s shopping streets. The atmosphere in the cafe itself is supposed to make you feel like you are in your home. They provide you with your own little room. (I am guessing this place is more for couples but hey…if you want good cheesecake, you’ll still go!) Anyway, you take off your shoes before entering your room, and then sit down and get comfortable! They offer desserts such as brownies with ice cream, New York cheesecakes, waffles, and more! Also if you are feeling a bit cold go ahead and grab a blanket from the table up front! (this is actually quite common in most cafes) To close, I really enjoy this cafe due to its location and overall quiet, and homely atmosphere. Also you may notice couples have written their initials, or have put special messages and doodles on the walls. (I did as well hehe)  If you try it out, I strongly suggest the cheesecake and waffle with ice cream set! It is never a bad idea!

The Bridge Cafe
Waffle with ice cream and Cheesecake Combo
Couple Doodle~








#3- Pop.Con.Tainer cafe

Ok Pop.Con.Tainer cafe is no doubt one of the coolest cafes there is! The outside of the cafe is bright orange so it is hard to miss and it looks exactly like a cargo shipping container. The inside of this place is also very unique and quirky as, the majority of the chairs have been swapped for bean bags! How fun is that?? They are totally comfortable and the over all vibe it gives off is super friendly and hip. Their specialty is Pancakes (nutella ones to be exact!) and of course bingsu! They even serve it in a measuring cup! When I come her I always get the stack of pancakes and some blue lemonade~ (Don’t ask why it is blue…I have no idea haha)  I really suggest coming here often even if it is just to hang out in a bean bag. Pop.Con.Tainer is a win for sure.

Pop. Con. Tainer Cafe
Original Pancakes
Oreo bingsu and bean bags

One thought on “Delicious Desserts in Korea

  1. They look fantastic. With limited time it would be difficult for me to choose just one place. With time they would have a prominent rotating place on my schedule. Thanks for the post.


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