The struggle is real sometimes

Hey my travelers!

These past few weeks have been quite hectic!

With financial aid worries, projects, and work all combining the real struggle of being abroad for an entire year is setting in.  School projects are a worry in any country and work can also be crazy sometimes but when you add problems with financial aid on top of it things tend to get messy. (Note: My lack of posting lately.) Anyway this post is essential to make sure you are prepared entirely before you hop on your plane and arrive in your foreign country.

To Do List:

  • Go see your study abroad advisor whenever you have a question. (Even if you think it is “dumb”)
  • Make sure you understand all requirements that you will need to provide to receive your financial aid.
  • Be aware of time differences. (Responses may take longer than expected)
  • Stay on top of requests and advisors.

In my case it took almost a month for my financial aid to disperse and cover all of my charges and then come back to me in a refund check. (which I still have not actually gotten yet, but it is being processed). Anyway I just wanted you all to know that if you are expecting financial aid, make sure you watch it closely in order to avoid stressful situations while you are abroad.

Enough of the stress though,  I want to leave everyone on a positive note, here is a video of the daycare children getting ready for their Chuseok performance.

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