“Magic” Straight Perm in Korea!

What’s up my fellow travelers?

I have a fun story to tell this week! It’s all about the Magic Straight Perm that South Korea is famous for~ So a few days ago Morgan and I decided to find a hair salon near our university that specialized in these kind of things. We ended up at Salon De Cecica; a few streets over from Ewah, so that made it super convenient for us. Salon De Cecica is a well known business in the area and had reviews that left us feeling confident in our decision to get our hair permanently straightened.



Now do not think that we decided spur of the moment to go have this process done! We had previously talked about getting it done while we were still in the states. We did all of our research and knew what we were getting into. So that means that we were well aware that this process could last from 3 months to an entire year, we also knew that the treatment itself could take up to 4 hours to complete. Yikes! So now I present to you the steps that happen to create a magic straight perm!

  1. First they lock up your belongings in a locker, give you a robe and take you to shampoo and rinse your  hair.
  2. After that, they brush in the straightening product. It’s similar to getting your hair colored. The stylist brushes the product on in sections and makes sure every strand is coated, this then sits on your hair for about 20 minutes.
  3. Next they wrap your hair in plastic wrap to keep the product locked in.
  4. While still sitting in your plastic they apply heat. They placed a heating machine over our heads and it helped the product absorb into our hair. (These machines looked like flying saucers haha)
  5. Finally after about 20 minutes, they rinse out product.
  6. Next they blow dry your hair. Completely. They often take on this process with multiple stylist blow drying at once to speed up the process.
  7. After your hair is completely dry they begin to straighten the hair with flat irons. (Once again we had multiple stylists straightening our hair at once). This is essentially the second part of the perm– shaping the strands straight. After the straightening product is applied and rinsed out, hair can be molded into any shape. Two stylists used skinny flat irons and straightened our hair in one inch sections. It was a pretty time consuming procedure. (Note: If you have bangs they will put a curler in them, but fret not! They do indeed get straightened out in the end.)
  8. After your hair is all straight they sit you down in another chair and apply a sort of glue to lock in the straight shape! ( We initially freaked out because it seemed like all the work they had put in straightening our hair went to waste as they coated it in a slimy liquid.) They let that sit for 15 minuets and then rinse you out! At this point your treatment is done, but for us we moved on to the next step!
  9. The extra step is for them to apply a deep conditioning product. This step is optional but we wanted to get it done since our hair has never had proper treatment done to it before. Also we are constant users of the flat iron so we had obvious damage. After applying the conditioner, they do one final shampoo and rinse!
  10. Finally they blow dry, cut and style your hair.
  11. Boom, 3 1/2 hours later you have perfectly straight and silky hair^^

Pros and Cons to doing this treatment:


  • It is proven safe for your hair. (yes there is damage but if you constantly straighten it everyday you are saving your self breakage.)
  • Anyone can get the procedure done! You do not need to be of Asian decent to have the perm done 🙂
  • It will save you time in your daily routine. All you have to do is wake up and brush it and you are good to go!


  • The process to get it done takes around 2 to 4 hours depending on the length of your hair!
  • You can not wash your hair for about 2-3 days, sounds gross but if any water touches your hair in that time period you risk making you magic perm a flop.
  • It is not the cheapest thing in the world. They can cost anywhere from $60 USD- $300 USD.

Here are our before and after photos-After photos are the ones of us turned around 🙂 (Before hand we both had wavy hair that was prone to fizz in any humidity)

BeautyPlus_20150902164150_saveBeautyPlus_20150902164722_saveFB_IMG_1441179766229 BeautyPlus_20150831171037_save

One thought on ““Magic” Straight Perm in Korea!

  1. Hey, I see that your hair is pretty close to straight before you had the procedure. I have rather curly hair. Do you think it would be possible or as effective as it was on you? Thank you!


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