5 Days in Korea~

Well hello there everyone!

It has been about 5 days since our arrival in the beautiful city of Seoul. Yesterday Morgan and I official moved into our dorm, and are all settled in. In this post I would like to talk about how our first few days have been^^

Arrival Day- We arrived at around 4:15pm KST , and were headed to our Airbnb guest house where we would be staying until move in day. Let me tell you right now that after my stay at this guest house my perceptions have certainly changed. I was expecting so little from it but in actuality I was welcomed into the house with warm greetings, kind service, clean amenities, and a host who looked out for us. Anyway back to arrival, we were given super easy step by step instructions from our Airbnb host about how to buy a bus ticket, and where to get off at the correct location. Though, Morgan and I did manage to get off one bus stop too early…thus we had to walk about a block with all of our suitcases to the location.  We settled into our room and with help from Joseph (the lovely host) he showed us around the surrounding area, gave us T-Money cards(used for the subways and buses) and had his son show us how to load them with money. Then we headed back and called it a night. (Yay for being exhausted~)

Day 1: The 1st official full day was spent on finding SIM cards for our phones to work, and getting to know our university better. From the night before we were told the location to go to for our SIM cards, which was very close to Ewha. The process went smoothly and in no time we had our phone up and working with a data plan. Afterwards we went and walked around our beautiful campus and familiarized ourselves with buildings. Following that we enjoyed lunch with a friend who gave us tips on where to buy some necessities. Nothing too exciting but productive in the least.

Day 2: Day 2 is the day where we explored out of the Sinchon area, and went to see 경복궁( Gyeongbokgung Palace) and the infamous 청계천  (Cheonggyecheon River). Before coming to Korea, I always dreamed of admiring the palaces and just enjoying the calmness of the water from the Cheonggyecheon. With confidence Morgan and I successfully navigated the subway. (which is actually super easy and nothing to be afraid of.)  We first walked around the palace and got to see the guard changing ceremony, and then walked about 10 minutes down to the river. It felt like such a perfect day. After our adventurous day we took the subway back to Sinchon and decided to order delivery food from an app in Korea that will literally bring you whatever type of food you want to wherever you are. No joke. We were pretty impressed with ourselves.

Day 3: Move in day! Morgan and I were luckily placed together in the same room, in the newer of the two buildings. (Private bathroom FTW!) Our host Joseph brought us right to our building and helped us unload. (He is so sweet, i’m going to miss him!) Anyway, we started off by unpacking all of our clothes and other items and putting them in their place, and let me just say that these dorm rooms give so much more room then the ones back at home. After we moved in, we went shopping for essentials to complete our room. Finishing the night with some Baskin Robbins ice cream and too many face products~

Day 4: That was today! Morgan and I woke up early ( no surprise there…we are on this weird schedule where we wake up at 6am each morning..opps) anyway, we had to take our Korean placement test today to determine what level we should be in. It was comprised of reading, writing, and speaking. It took about 1 hour to complete and was slightly nerve wracking. We get our results back on Sept. 1st, so until then we will just have to hope we did well enough to be placed where we want. Currently we are sitting in the common area (not because we want to but because there is WIFI^^) and working on online classes. Tomorrows schedule includes going to orientation, setting up a bank account, getting an ARC, and much more!

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One thought on “5 Days in Korea~

  1. Hi, I know it’s all so exciting I am so happy for you. Korea is a beautiful country & extremly clean, very friendly. Your time there will be well spent, well worth it.
    We all miss you here at home but are very excited for you.

    Love you & Miss you!
    Love, G-Mom


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