Tips and Tricks: Lifestyle and Learning Practical Korean

It has officially been two weeks since my study abroad journey ended. I’m so grateful for all the experiences and new friends made in Korea. To wrap up an amazing trip of my last undergraduate summer, I’d love to share some tips and tricks for future travellers to South Korea. I hope you find my posts and resources helpful.


  • Make sure to pack lightweight apparel since it is extremely humid and hot in Korea.
  • Bring comfortable shoes since you will be walking a lot, and Seoul streets are pretty hilly.
  • Korea has a really big cafe culture. You do not have to worry about not being able to find coffee late at night.
  • Pay attention to certain seats on the subway because some are only for the elderly, pregnant, and children.
  • It is polite to use two hands when giving and receiving.
  • Couples are everywhere, and they like to be in matching or color coordinating attire.
  • College students typically go drinking and/or clubbing on Fridays and weekends.
  • When taking public transport (subways and buses), you have to tap your card when entering and exiting.
  • Eating utensils are often stored in compartments under the table. Drinkware is brought out along with a water jug, unless there is a self-dispenser.

Learning Practical Korean:

When traveling to any foreign country with an unfamiliar language, I think it is wise to learn some common phases before arriving. I love visual aids because they make learning easier to understand. I have selected a few learning tools that may be useful for those heading to Korea.

Other recommendations:

The guides I have listed above are either from Dom & Hyo or Easy to Learn Korean (ETLK). Check out their pages to learn about other subjects. Good luck to all in YISS 2016!

One thought on “Tips and Tricks: Lifestyle and Learning Practical Korean

  1. I’ve never traveled to Korea before but after reading this it is now on the list of places that I want to visit in my life time! The culture seems so respectful and respectable as well as laid back and for lack of a better word… cute! Matching attire for couples really warms my heart. I’ve been to many places across the globe, due to my parents’ work as flight attendants and much of what was outlined here sounds like some of the customs/norms of other cultures. I love the links that were included and will seriously be considering traveling abroad to Korea!


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