Adieu, London

A month has passed since I returned back to the states, and I can honestly say my time in London changed me for the better.  In the time since I’ve been back, I’ve been asked the same question countless times: “How was London?” I’ve pondered over this question for the last few weeks and I finally think I have the full answer.

Cecila Ahern once said, “Home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling.” From the moment I arrived at my study abroad location, London, I felt an overwhelming sense of home. The classes there situated my materials in the cultural context of our environment, and immersed us in the local culture. From the overabundance of free, public museums, to the host of small owned businesses and beautiful countryside, I loved everything about my experiences. I cannot wait to return, and I fully expect to finish out my schooling in London.

One thought on “Adieu, London

  1. I too visited London this past summer and I feel as though I’ve been missing it in the same way that you have! I miss all of the historical sites that London had to offer and the incredibly friendly and welcoming people that I had the chance of coming across. One particularly odd thing that I miss is how even when the weather was gloomy the people were still happy, as if the sun was shining on the most beautiful of days, which said so much about the people. Like you, I hope to visit again one day.


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