How To —> Pack Like A Pro

Hello all of my fellow Travelers!

I am going to cover a very serious issue today, and that is on the subject of packing, or OVER packing in most cases. So keep on reading as I share with you 5 of my most handy dandy packing tips and tricks that will make your study abroad experience a little more hassle free. Let’s get started^^

Pro Packing Tip #1: ALWAYS ask yourself “Do I really need this?” Doing this will reduce the amount of unnecessary items you bring with you, especially clothing. If that super cute shirt you want to bring only matches with ONE bottom garment, don’t bring it. Focus on bringing pieces of clothing that can be versatile and mixed and matched with a lot of others pieces. It saves you space and lowers the weight in your suit case.

Pro Packing Tip #2: Think to yourself “Can I buy it there?” Chances are all of the nifty socks, and beauty products you wanted to bring with you are all available in the new country you are going to. Sure you may not find an exact match for your Himalayan pink sea salt body wash, but they have something that does the job in a way that can open your mind to change. You chose to study abroad, now do not be afraid to explore and get accustomed to the local culture.

Pro Packing Tip #3: NEVER forget to constantly weigh your suitcase(s). Make sure you can comfortably lift and wheel your suitcase around and plan ahead for your areas terrain. If it is to heavy you may need to pay extra fees for over weight baggage, and you may not be able to get your luggage from the plane to your campus due to how bulky it is and that would be a disaster. So remember to keep your bowling ball at home and only pack the light weight essentials for your trip!

Pro Packing Tip #4: When packing toiletries, medicines, or anything else small, use your shoes to their full potential! Shoes are great compartments for storing the smaller things that may get bounced around in transit. Of course make sure your shoes are clean in order to avoid damage or ahem…making the other objects a bit smelly.

Pro Packing Tip #5: Finally, check, double check, and even triple check what you have packed in your luggage. This is the time when you can add any forgotten last minute items, or even remove pieces of clothing or luxuries you may have thought twice about bringing. Also at this point make sure you have your travel documents secured, such as your visa, passport, and identification.

Bonus Tip!-Do yourself a huge favor as well and pack a few photos, or anything that can get you through the times when you start to miss the comforts of your home. It will help you out mentally when you are feeling down or separated from your old way of life.

Check out a few of mine and Morgans packing adventure below~ Happy travels everyone 🙂


Fully pack and ready to go^^ (We all know I will open them back up about 100 more times before we leave though…)


Morgan is busy packing, and re-packing, finding items here and there to add and remove. (Note: She is actively demonstrating Pro Packing Tip #5)

One thought on “How To —> Pack Like A Pro

  1. You Girls are doing a great job and putting out some good packing tips!
    I hope that you will be so overwhelmed with all there is to see and do on your great adventure to South Korea that there will be no time to miss your daily routine of back home. A few blink of the eyes and your year of adventure & knowledge will be over and you will be packing for your return trip. ( with double the amount that you went with )
    Love You Both!


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