Where to next?


Wow! It’s already been seven weeks since I’ve come back to the states. Although I’m happy to be in Tampa getting ready for the fall semester, I can’t help but miss the simple and relaxing Italian lifestyle. Being able to walk down the street and feel the history in the buildings was something I’ve never experienced anywhere in America.

I really want to take my story, with emphasis on my cultural immersion, and help promote studying abroad to more students at USF this upcoming year. Beginning in the fall I’ll be a GloBull Ambassador with USF World as a part of the Scholarship & Peer Mentoring Committee. I’m so excited to get started in sharing my adventure with others with the hope in mind that they’ll want to embark on a similar journey while they’re in college.

Throughout my freshman and sophomore year I thought a lot about studying abroad, but not until I came back did I really understand what I had just done. Living in another country gave me such a new perspective on the simplicity present in the US and how easy we truly have it. A lot of Italian culture and technology is so traditional that they are not as focused on advancement as Americans. Rather, they take pride in their heritage and embrace the history that turned their beautiful country into what it’s become today. I can’t wait to go back and see even more amazing sights I didn’t have a chance to see. After visiting more than 10 cities I still feel like I’ve just touched the surface of the true Italian story. Although my time overseas has come to an end, I’ll never forget all of the incredible memories I have thanks to USF World and the Provost’s Scholars Program. This was truly one of the most rewarding experiences of my entire life!

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