Back in the States…

Well, I got back to the US last Friday, and while I feel sad about leaving Peru, I know I’ll be back next year, hopefully for a much longer period of time.  In the meantime, here are a few small US luxuries I’m happy to have again: 1) water fountains/free water, 2) being able to flush toilet paper, 3) craft beer, and 4) widely available food diversity.  I guess these aren’t specific to the US, but they were definitely lacking in Carhuaz. While I love the area and plan to return often and stay long term, the lack of food diversity is probably one of my biggest challenges.  The food is certainly delicious, but I’m used to the luxury of pho, sushi, pizza, Thai, or whatever my heart/stomach desires, and most of these aren’t available in the area at all.  So, I’m gonna eat up while I can and also develop some coping strategies for all my food cravings for when I go back… Hasta luego!!

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