I Leave in How Many Days?

Before I answer that question, let me introduce myself! My name is Lindsey Johnson and I am a sophomore who is majoring in Mass Communications with a focus in Production. For the next 10 months or so I am going to be studying abroad in South Korea, at the beautiful Ewha Womans University-이화여자대학교. (I know what you’re thinking but no, I did not spell the universities name wrong, nor did I forget an apostrophe…trust me!) Anyway enough about that, let’s move on. Luckily I will be on this adventure with my best friend of 8 years, Morgan Pinckard. (I might as well introduce her now since you all will be seeing a lot of her!) We initially had our mind set on another program in South Korea, but our hearts changed and in the end we knew Ewha was the perfect school for us. Ewha Womans University is the worlds largest all female school and it is one of the most prestigious school in all of Korea, in America it transfers to the equivalent as being an Ivy League school. Ewha offers plentiful English taught classes, as well as a superb Korean language class to further develop ones understanding of the language. The location of the university is also located right next to subway routes and large shopping districts such as Edae(이대), Hongdae (홍대), and Myeongdong(명동).  Together we plan on successfully navigating this foreign country, exploring the tourists spots, jumping out of the box to see sights the locals love, and remaining head strong through our studies in Mass Communication and the Korean language. I hope everyone will enjoy this blog and can learn valuable lesson about South Korea, or just study abroad life in general.

Oh! I almost forgot to tell all of you…Morgan and I leave in 10 Days!

Ewha Womans University


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