Est-ce que c’est vrai? Je suis allé en France!

August is almost here and it’s been almost a month and a half that I left the US headed to France – and who’d say, even Netherlands for a short time

My first day in Europe started in Paris, where I knew I would have to rush to visit as much as possible since my train would depart in the evening. In about 23 miles walking, from 8am to 9pm, I managed to visit almost every attraction in the city, including the Tour, the Arc, the Sacre-Coeur (my personal favorite), the Louvre and Notre-Dame. Yes, it was fast but absolutely amazing, I do not regret for a moment the blisters I got from it.

It is harder than you’d imagine to take a good picture of the Eiffel tower without tourists on the back!
My absolute favorite in Paris! Fun fact, there are so many tourists like me taking selfies, that the French government is discussing banning those selfie sticks.



Arriving in Nice was out of this world, starting from the Gare, to the view from my house, my stay there was terrific. The food, the culture, the language, everything was so incredible that I would need hours to talk about it (if not days). Instead, I am attaching a couple of pictures with the respective memorable moment that it was. Obviously, pictures could never do justice to my experience there, especially because many times I chose to not take them and simple absorb everything. Nevertheless, I do hope it gets a bit of wanderlust in you, and make you consider visiting Nice and France in the near future!



La Gare de Nice-Ville, I challenge you to find a train station as pretty.
La Promenade de Paillon, a square in the center of Nice, an absurdly beautiful place that I had the chance to visit everyday.
The view from a couple of feet away from my host house. I know…
Amsterdam made it very hard to not fall in love for it!
Amsterdam made it very hard to not fall in love for it
Every hero needs an uniform, mine uses a tight Lycra like Superman, and from time to time he does fly like him as well. His name is Alberto Contador, a professional cyclist, one of six riders to have won all three Grand Tours of road cycling. He was the winner Tour de France and Vuelta a España three times each and the Giro d’Italia twice. Each of these races is composed of approximately 2000 miles cycling through mountains and valleys in Europe, thus finishing them is already amazing, winning, it’s superhuman. In Utrecht, Netherlands I had the chance to see him starting his 2015 Tour de France just a couple of feet away from me!

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