Fiestas Patrias

There are three days that make up the Fiestas Patrias in Peru, they are July 24th, July 28th, and July 29th. Yesterday, July 28th, marked the commemoration of Peru’s independence. Walking around Carhuaz, there are so many Peruvian flags on display and people have school and work off for the celebrations. Two other students and I went to our friend’s house where we made chaufa and wontons for lunch. The kids were very skeptical of the wontons, they have no idea what they were missing out on. After lunch, we went to Huaraz since the city had a fair for Independence Day. The fair was made mostly for children, but I didn’t mind since it was fun just getting to spend time with everyone in a stress-free environment and I also got to have a pretty good raspadilla. As part of the fair, there was the correr del toro which is less of a bull run and more of a bull “play.” There were four bulls and each was part of a distinct comedy routine with the accompanying payasos. I was pretty entertained with the payasos and I definitely think they are some brave men to do what they do. There was a matador who performed a few times with two of the bulls. One of the little boys I was with said that he was going to kill the bull since the matador had a sword with him. Thankfully, no bull was killed yesterday. I think that is one experience that I do not necessarily need to have. Towards the end of the night, an electric cable caught fire and the family we were with told us that we need to leave before it blows up. I have to say, though, that only half the crowd seemed to be reacting with the type of urgency that I felt was required by the situation. All in all, it was a fun night and I’m glad that I was able to be in Peru for their Independence Day. Today, July 29th, is a day in honor of Peru’s armed forces and I am sure there will be more parades and festivities to enjoy.


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