Last Week in Japan

On last Wednesday, we had the opportunity to visit the other Kansai Gaidai campus, the Gakkentoshi campus. There, we talked with several students for a few hours. We ended the session by playing charades and the winning team (my team) received a file folder and a neat mechanical pencil. I regret that we didn’t have much time left in Japan to be able to hang out with some of the students we met there.week6 002 week6 005

On Thursday and Friday, we had finals for Japanese History and Japanese I. They were pretty tough but I’m hopeful that I will receive a decent grade. After the last final on Friday, there was a farewell party at a nearby yakiniku (grilled meat) restaurant. Many of our teachers, RAs, and staff from the Center of International Education were present. The food was pretty tasty but the experience was bittersweet. Each of the participants had to give a short speech about the program and the party reminded us of how soon we were going to leave Japan.

Dessert at the yakiniku restaurant.
Ice cream and mango juice at the yakiniku restaurant.

Later that day, our teaching assistant/friend and another friend held a mini graduation ceremony for us and then we went out to eat dinner. week6 039On Saturday, JoAnna and I traveled to Nara. We got to visit the Todai-ji, an enormous Buddhist temple complex. It houses the largest bronze statue of Buddha. I was blown away by the size of Todai-ji and the statue. week6 059 week6 068

The main entrance, Nandaimon.
The main entrance, Nandaimon.
The entrance to actually see the Daibutsuden is on the side.
The entrance to actually see the Daibutsuden is on the side.
week6 086
The Daibutsuden!

week6 091There were also a lot of deer walking around the area. It was very common to see people with the deer crackers (and even without!) being swarmed by deer. week6 065 week6 071 week6 115Afterwards, we joined up with others to go to the Tenjin Matsuri. We got to watch a spectacular fireworks show. week6 129 week6 148 week6 147Today, the last whole day I’m staying in Japan, I mostly packed, cleaned and hung out with my friends. Already, my roommate and one of the guys have left to go to the airport. If you can’t tell, this will be my last post in Japan. I have mixed feelings about leaving because there are things about America I miss but I will really miss the friends I made here. What makes it even tougher is that we all live pretty far from each other but as long as we’re alive, there’s always a chance to see each other again.

I want this to not be a goodbye but a see you later. Until next time,

Tracy Nguyen

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