13 hours later

Returning home is definitely a bitter sweet day. About two weeks before I was to return, I was adamant about not wanting to leave Greece. Despite the economic crisis, the poop on the streets and all the graffiti, I was really enjoying my time in Greece and had grown a certain attachment to the country.  About a week before it was time to return, I forced myself to accept the idea that I was leaving. About four days before I was to return, I was ready to pack my bags and leave. The more I considered the idea of going home, the more I was ready to see my family and share stories and give souvenirs. I realized through my trip that the US is the land of convenience, and about two days before I left I began to miss the convenience and ease of living in a country like the US.

13hours later when I finally landed in Florida I was tired. I was ready to go home and my bed felt like I was sleeping in a hotel. Being back in my home country is great, but I can’t help but compare everything to Greece. When I go to a grocery store, or drive my car down the street everything reminds me of how in Greece life is slightly different. The only not fun part about comparing the countries is I don’t want to annoy my family with my constant observations so I just think them to myself. Jet lag is not nearly as bad as I was told it would be. The only effect I see on my sleeping pattern currently is that I can’t stay awake as long as I used to. I go to sleep around 10 or 10:30 at night when before I would not be tired until midnight. These are the largest adjustments I have made since returning home. However, I am glad to be back in a place where I don’t feel illiterate because I can’t read any signs or understand the people around me. I did not miss home while I was abroad, but it feels good to be back.

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