When Do I Get to Go Back?

Well I have been back for a couple days and I am already dreaming of returning to Salamanca, Spain. If you have never traveled outside of the country then it is hard to explain but for those who have you know exactly what I mean when I say life there is so much better. I will be honest before I left I was nervous and scared. My Spanish was not very good, I had never left the country before, and I knew no one. Now while my Spanish still needs a lot of work I feel confident that some day I will be ready to return to Spain and live there. There is no where else in the world I would rather be. I hope that by the time that I graduate next year I can truly begin to consider officially moving to Salamanca and living where my heart truly is. Me leaving Spain was not goodbye, it truly was see you later.


My heart will always be in Salamanca.




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