Final Banquet!

The CLIC Tier II students hosted our final banquet to wrap up the program on the evening of July 5, a Sunday. The evening was full of relief and merriment as we had just completed our final task of the program, which was our presentation. My presentation was on the topic of a very famous work for the guqin, entitled 流水, which means flowing water.

For the banquet, my classmate Nabil and I served as the American hosts, who spoke in Chinese, while our Chinese classmates Zou Yi and Zang Jiansheng hosted in English. It was a really great opportunity for both the Chinese and American students to practice formal language in a performance context, although I found the experience to be rather daunting, as it was my first time ever to serve as an emcee at any type of event.

That evening, we ate with our classmates and enjoyed exciting performances that both American and Chinese students had prepared, including traditional Chinese storytelling (快板书 & 山东快书), a Chinese comedy skit (小品), singing, etc. Our program coordinator and Chinese professor, Dr. Eric Shepherd, performed a comedic traditional story using metal clappers. His master teacher also performed for us.

The banquet was a great way for us to wrap up the time we spent in Qingdao, to treat our tutors, and internship supervisors to a lovely meal, and also a way for us to solidify our friendships with our roommates and classmates.

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