Introduction: Three Weeks in Vietnam!

Hi there! My name is John Major. I am currently a Biomedical Sciences junior at USF.

This summer, I will be studying abroad for three weeks in Vietnam as a part of USF in Vietnam: Society, Energy, and Humanity. The program will take place at Vinh University in Vinh, Vietnam. As part of the program, I am visiting various cities such as Hà Nội, Hạ Long, Vinh, and Đồng Hới. I will also be taking some time to go my own adventures in southern Vietnam.

I chose Vietnam because it is my motherland. It’s the country that my parents were born and lived in before they came to the United States to seek refuge during the Vietnam War. I chose it because I wanted to learn more about my own heritage and native culture. I also wanted to see how Vietnam has changed after four decades and to learn of northern ideologies to compare with the southern ones I’ve grown up with.

However, those are not my sole reasons for choosing Vietnam. I also chose it as a way to help me gain more insight as a prospective physician. Vietnam being a third world country, physicians may not necessarily have access to the most up-to-date medical technology. Thus, this program will serve as a wonderful opportunity to witness how physicians improvise and are still able to successfully treat patients.

This trip will be an incredible experience for me and a great opportunity for me to grow as an individual. While I am slightly nervous after hearing numerous stories about the North, I doubt I’ll run into any trouble so long as I’m aware of my surroundings and stay cautious.

Wish me luck!

– John

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