From A Foodie, with love

In addition to the beautiful greenspaces, wonderful museum, and assorted pub cultures, London is bursting at the seams with quaint local food places and fantastic chain restaurants. Here are some of the must-go in the King’s Cross/ Bloomsbury area.


  1. Albertini– At the top of my list, Albertini’s café and deli was one of the least expensive for the portion places I frequented. I am personally a fan of jacket potatoes, with chicken and bacon mix (about £5) served with slaw, and the to-die-for garlic bread. The staff was friendly, and after only a few visits remembered our order! Great for vegetarians and meat eaters alike, it’s great for dine in or takeaway!
  2. Fork Café– My first foray into London food culture, Fork Deli Patisserie was a frequently visited by me (it helped that it was on the way to class). Offering freshly made coffees, scones and jam, sandwiches, and much more, the staff was friendly, and the chic interior made you not want to leave. It is a moderately inexpensive joint, and well worth anything you spend!
  3. Burger & Shake– If you find yourself longing for something more reminiscent of home, Burger and Shake (located right next to China House), is the place for you. Offering, as the name implies, Burgers and Shakes, it also provides fries, deep fried (Yes, deep fried!) hot dogs, slaw, and every other Americanesque creature comfort! Even if you only pop in for some chips and a shake, it’s worth a look.
  4. Pizza Express– A chain restaurant, perhaps to end all chains. Next to Giraffe, Pizza Express was one of my favorite commercially owned restaurants to visit during my month long stay. The place is busy near King’s Cross, especially just before peak arrival and departure times at the stations. It’s a little on the heavy side for price, but the food is easily shared, especially If you’re one with small appetite.
  5. Wafflemeister– Less of a restaurant, more of a literal hole in the wall, Wafflemeister really does show mastery over the waffles. Waffles are perhaps my most favorite food, and smothering them with chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and/or gelato only makes them even better. For a black and white (chocolate sauce and whipped cream), it’s only £80! With you London Pass you also save an additional 10%.
  6. Giraffe– A crowd favorite among my friends, Giraffe is a bit pricey but so worth every pence. My personal favorite was the Nachos Nirvana with chorizo, £30, but more than filling and worth every bite. The staff is friendly, the location is cute and near other must stop destinations (like Waitrose, Tesco, and Starbucks). Even if you only go there once (which trust me, you’ll want to go back), its worth the visit!1436617190770
  7. China House– Offering everything from Dim Sum to lunch and dinner, the China House in Bloomsbury. The staff was friendly and very helpful, our orders came in quick and timely manner, and the presentation of the food was spectacular. With all those positives in mind, it was a bit expensive, so keep that in mind when ordering!
  8. Bae’s of Bloomsbury – A great little place to have afternoon tea, a quiet cup of coffee, or create great memories with friends. The staff is more than friendly and the prices are super affordable. For simple cream tea (composed of scones with clotted cream and jam, cupcakes, other assorted confectionery, and a pot of tea), it was only £16, with more than enough to share!


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