Have London Pass, Will Travel

First free weekend, and that means time for a top 10 list! I’m excited to use my pass, and here is some of what I plan to do, in no particular order. All of these locations are free entry with your pass.

  1. Kennsington Palace- Situated in Kennsington Gardens, it shows the lives of Queen Victoria and King Albert, and allows visitors into the tender romance of His and Her Majesty. If the day is nice, it’s a great location for a picnic with tons of greenspace.
  2. Hampton Court Palace- The palace of my favorite monarch and his six wives–you guess it, King Henry VIII, himself. Aside from the fact that he’s my favorite king ever and three of his wives’ names were Katherine (in various forms). The palace is expansive, with tons of exhibits!
  3. La Renoir Theater- Free movie!? Who would turn that down? I’m going to opt for a movie that is germane to the UK. No snacks included, but the movie is really close to the dorms.
  4. Queen’s Bowl- You bowl OR ice skate for free. I’m not much of an ice princess, but sounds like a fun way to close up the Fourth of July in the UK.
  5. Tower of London- Home of the Royal Crown jewels for free? Count me in. It includes a torture chamber, and the fact that it is the former home of those guilty of treason are enough for me!
  6. Kew Gardens- If you want to be immersed in beauty, Kew Gardens is acres and acres of natural beauty. Boast rose gardens and lily houses, it is a great example Britain and her former colonies, showcasing beauty from everywhere.
  7. London Bridge Experience- A spooky tour through London’s long and brutal history.
  8. Beefeater’s Gin Distillery- One London’s staples and the longest standing gin distillery’s in the world. It’s a tour of the factory with samples at the end for age-appropriate groups.
  9. The National Gallery- Allowing for you to really sample the art history of London.
  10. Tate Modern- Includes art from famous artists like Picasso and Matisse!

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